Tech Trends in 2020 We Need to Consider

Tech Trends in 2020 We Need to Consider

Technology today is unfolding around us to change our lives for good, and it’s vital for UX Designers to keep up-to-date with the latest digital trends, also known as tech trends, in the industry. From gadgets that control our smart-home devices through the power of our voice to cryptocurrencies, the latest trends are full of possibilities that new technologies bring to human-machine interactions.

1. 5G
2. AI and Automation
3. VR and AR
4. Fintech, Healthtech, Edtech
5. Blockchain

The fifth-generation of mobile networks could finally be available to the general public in 2020 and brings a lot of opportunities. One of 5G’s main advantages is speed, which is 100 times faster than 4G. We are expecting less or no loading time at all and more reliable connections, which comes to the advantage of autonomous things. 5G will enable quick transfer of data between systems and this will result in fundamental changes in many industries.

AI and Automation
AI remains one of the cool tech trends. Chatbots have become the most common example of artificial intelligence used in average consumer products. They are integrated with websites or messaging apps to help businesses automate their regular tasks from getting customers information about best hotels or lowest flight prices, all the way to booking them. What is more, AI delivers information much faster at all times. This way customers can receive more thorough and immediate care than they got previously. If it is built correctly, it can also result in reduced or no human error at all.

VR and AR
The technology is here and markets are ready. It has already started to change everything. Jobs, industrial work, leisure activities and with the new marketing possibilities, our whole life. In 2020, as it costs less with improved usability, it has also become accessible to the average consumer. Virtual and augmented reality gives a whole new dimension to UX design too. With all the tools, which are already on the market (or under development), you can give a hyper-immersive experience where all senses of the human body are influenced.

Fintech, Healthtech, Edtech
Extremely fast payment processes – money transfer or loans
Mobile banking – smartphones have become a very efficient solution for customers to access and handle their money on the go.
Healthcare tech trends
The biggest question is how augmented reality and machine learning can bring meaningful improvements to healthcare. Our smart devices are becoming our personal nurses.
Educational technology
Over the years the number of EdTech tools has grown significantly thanks to educators who are willing to embrace new methodologies.
– AI
– Augmented and Virtual Reality
– Learning Analytics

This term was very popular throughout the years, especially in the world of cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology enables holding immutable data in a secure and encrypted way. In short, it’s a transparent way to transact data. Because of this, characteristics information can be transacted and authenticated in a fraud-proof way. Recently we encountered it in other areas too, like banking and insurance, but it also has many educational uses. Blockchain will help educational organizations in secure student record transfers. This technology will also be useful for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and ePortfolios to verify skills and knowledge.

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