The 2020 Big Data and AI Landscape

The 2020 Big Data and AI Landscape

Big Data And AI: The Relationship
When it comes to the fundamental workings of the two technologies, Big Data and AI can not be far apart. The first one deals with better handling of data, generating insights. And the second one uses that data to automate systems and make decisions without any external help. The relationship between AI and Big data is that of giving and take. AI uses the data sets to get better at the decision-making process, while Big Data uses smart AI systems for better data analysis.

Big Data And AI: The Present Landscape
Whether you call it invasion or advancement, we can not ignore the various applications of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence throughout different industries. industry professionals consider the automation of industry workings to be the ultimate sign of modernization.

The best way to understand the present and future landscape of Big Data and AI is to understand the present uses of the technologies and the results we are deriving from that. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence have disrupted many different industries until now, and here are the top five among them.

Big Data And AI: the Financial Magic
There are definitely many uses for big data in the banking and finance industry. But the most popular one is in the prevention of fraud and security.

Big data is being used to analyze the spending habits of the customers and recognize the set patterns. Whenever there are any transactions conducted outside of the set pattern, it is flagged as a suspicious transaction and both the bank and client are notified about it.

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